Beautiful waterfall in a geographical setting.
Also a filming location for the Game of Thrones.

We will make our last stop on the way to Reykjavík by taking a short detour, where you can see one more waterfall, called Þórufoss, which happens to be a filming location from the Game of Thrones TV series. It also stands on what used to be the top of a mountain, which is today the bottom of the valley Kjósarskarð. 

We are driving on an interglacial shield like we started on, which found its way down the slope. 

On both sides, we can see how the land has risen, and the glacier erosion carved the valley, leaving two rivers on each side to continue the job.

Here you can also see the transect through Tertiary and Quarternary bedrock formations. 

The hills on both sides are Pleistocene Móberg formations.

By the waterfall, we serve complimentary warm drinks and special Icelandic delicacies we call kleinur, kind of like a twisted doughnut.

This was our last stop today. I hope you enjoyed the trip and the sights. It will take us about 35 minutes to get back to the hotel. We should be there around 17:00, as planned.