What a contrast in landscape! Coming from the desert gravel and sand,
 to the geothermal colorful area of Kerlingafjöll, is breathtaking.

Here we have arranged for a short stop, mostly to enjoy the colors and amazing natural construction of the area, but we will also have some hot drinks and snacks.This area used to be the first and only summer ski resort in Iceland, but had to shut down in the year 2000 because the rapidly declining of the glaciers.As the glaciers have retreated this century, the sandy areas have grown in size. Mountains close to the glacier slopes can change wind direction and create shelter. This causes the sand to accumulate relatively close to the glaciers, like the Langjökull glacier to our left.Around Hofsjökull glacier to our right, transport of sand seems to have been in more quantities before compared to current sandfall this century. Changes in weather conditions may have caused it, as well as the decreasing sand deposits with the glacier as it declines.

We will now continue to our next destination, where you will have the opportunity to relax in a natural geothermal pool.

#1 Rangárvellir

From our starting point in Gunnarsholt, we will drive towards Mt. Hekla and take some backroads on our way to Gullfoss waterfall.

#2 Hagavatn

A short stop by the powerful waterfall Gullfoss where we can see how the water in the Hvítá river has carved the canyon. Then we continue inland to Hagavatn .

#3 Kerlingafjöll

Driving the Kjölur route we are passing through the western section of Iceland between the Langjökull glacier and the Hofsjökull glacier. Next stop is in Kerlingafjöll.

#4 Hveravellir

After driving through the bumpy gravel roads, we will make our last stop in the highland Oasis Hveravellir, where we can relax in a natural geothermal hot pool.