Time to relax!

North of the Langjökull glacier is the Hveravellir geothermal area, with smoking fumaroles and bubbling water holes. Some call it an Oasis in the highlands. Here we will stop to enjoy the unique surroundings, framed in by glaciers and volcanoes, and soak in the knowledge and first-hand experience we have encountered today.

After soaking in the water and enjoying the raw facilities of the area, we offer some complimentary cold beverages, before heading to your hotel in Blönduós by the Húnaflói bay. We will be driving alongside the Blanda river, which originates on the Hofsjökull glacier, and seeing the Blanda Hydropower Station on the way.

For dinner, we will enjoy some pizza, baked in a wood-fired brick oven. Guess where the wood comes from? Well, after our discussion earlier today, I can tell you that after a 70-year hiatus, birch is now being used as a cooking fuel again, this time in restaurants for baking pizzas. Over 200 tons of fireplace logs are produced annually.

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Last stop today