As promised, we will spend the bulk of this beautiful morning hiking through the colorful geothermal and geological wonders of the Hengill and Nesjavellir areas.

The bus will drop us off at the viewing platform above Nesjavellir, where we will have a good view over the area below overlooking Þingvallavatn lake and the rift valley. Make sure you all bring your hiking sticks, even though it is not necessary for this hike, but it can certainly help in some cases to have added support when we hike through the narrow trail in the natural landscape.First we will walk a short distance towards the first geothermal area, Nesjalaugar, hot springs. On the way you can expect to see some hot springs and bluish colored water running, see steam and hear hissing sounds from the ground in various places, as well as bubbling mud pools.Please be advised not to step outside the trail, as it might not be safe. Let’s admire the colors and natural wonders from a fair distance.Next we will follow part of the educational path through the area towards Köldulaugar, which means cold pools, but are in fact geothermal areas consisting mostly of fumaroles and solfataras mud springs. The light colors of silica and sulphur deposits against the red colors of iron compound.There is a viewing platform by Köldulaugar, where we can enjoy the various colors made from the geothermal activity above and below the crust.In Iceland there are countless folklore about trolls, who turned into rocks if they were out after sunrise. We will see many of those along the trail.From Köldulaugar we continue towards the Nesjavellir geothermal plant.Over 2000 years ago the youngest lava flowed in the area, Nesjahraun. It flowed from a 30km long fissure reaching from Þregsli, through Nesjavellir and into the Þingvallavatn lake, where Sandey island was formed under water in the lake.text

We will make a stop for a complimentary lunch at the ION Adventure Hotel Nesjavellir before we make a short 10-minute drive to our next destination.

#1 Hiking

We will take a moderate hike for the next 2.5 to 3 hours depending on your pace. We will see Nesjalaugar and Köldulaugar geothermal areas.

#2 Þingvallavatn

A short stop by the largest natural lake in Iceland, which we have seen on our hike. The lake sits in the rift valley between the North- American and Eurasian plates.

#3 Þingvellir

Now we will visit Þingvellir national park, which is full of geological and cultural history. Icelanders formed their first parliament here in the 10th century.

#4 Kjósaskarð

Here we will be standing at the bottom of the valley with mountains and rivers on both sides. Imagine when the bottom used to be the top!