Geothermal power and
relaxation in the Blue Lagoon

While relaxing and recharging your batteries in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the well-known spa, Blue Lagoon, you will learn about the powerful geology of the area.

A few minutes before we arrived in Grindavík, you might have noticed the high steam coming from the power plant at Svartsengi. This will be our next destination, where we will stop for two hours. During our visit, you can either ask me questions, or just enjoy the relaxing waters.Surrounded by móberg hills and craters in a rough, partially moss-covered lava flow in one of the most active geothermal areas of the Reykjanes peninsula (Svartsengi), is the Blue Lagoon.The lagoon originally was waste water from the power plant, expected to disappear into the permeable lava field, but the sedimentation gradually made the coarse lava field watertight, and the lagoon expanded.The geothermal heat in the area near Svartsengi has been harnessed and is used for domestic heating in the towns on the Reykjanes peninsula as well as providing electricity to the area.In the year 1981 some psoriasis patients made experiments with bathing in the lagoon, and found out the baths seemed to give a temporary cure. It had been known from elsewhere that sulphur-rich water has curing effects on skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, and the curing effect led to further investigations and experiments with bathing in the lagoon. In 1999, a clinic was built and has since then become the world-known Blue Lagoon.

Please mind the time, as we need to stick to our schedule. We will be departing at 14:15

#1 ATV Tour

You will experience firsthand, in close contact with nature, various lava fields, black sandy beach and the bridge between the two continents.

#2 Blue Lagoon

Time to relax in the lagoon after the ATV tour. Experience the magical powers of geothermal seawater and silica. One hour stop.

#3 Krýsuvík & Grænavatn

Located in the Reykjanes Geopark, we will visit the multi-colored hills of Krýsuvík and near by the picturesque lake Grænavatn, a volcanic crater.

#4 Þríhnúkagígur

A safely dormant volcano which has not erupted in 4,000 years. Total depth of 120 meters; takes around 6 minutes to descend to the bottom of the crater.