Icelandic Nature - Geology

Studies for Geology assignments for a Guiding Course from the University of Iceland, 2019

All assignments are written in English for practicing purposes

Background photo credit: Jóna Sigþórsdóttir

The assignments

Daytrip to Reykjanes. On the way, the guide talks about the geology of Reykjanes. The trip starts in Reykjavik, you drive towards the Airport, then around the Peninsula, and come back driving Suðurstrandarvegur on the Southern part of the Peninsula.
Mention the main geological facts of Reykjanes and choose 4 key stops for your group. Explain why you stop there and what you will be doing during the stop to explain the geology of Reykjanes.

Photo credit: Lillian Molstad Andresen
Photo credit: Mannvit

On the way to Þingvellir, you drive down Hólsheiði through Nesjavellir and Grafningur. On the bus you have a group of science teachers from Europe. They specifically asked to hear about the theory of the Tectonic plates, the geological history of the area and the origin of Iceland.
Describe what you see on the way and why you choose your stops. The trip starts and ends in Reykjavík, estimated from 9:00 – 17:00.

# 3

You will take your group through the erosion areas of Rangárvellir on your way through Kjölur, heading North, through the middle of Iceland. The weather condition is good, you will see clear signs of massive erosion.

Describe the history of erosion in the area based on studying material.

Tell us about your stops, and explain the geology.

Photo credit: Jóna Sigþórsdóttir
Photo credit: Jóna Sigþórsdóttir

# 4

In your bus you have a group of climate scientists from the United Kingdom. You’ll be driving from Höfn to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The day is bright and beautiful, so your group has clear view to the mountains and glaciers. The theme of the day is climate change and how it has affected the glaciers in Iceland. Talk about how climate change is a part of erosion. 

Tell them in short words how eruptions in Iceland have affected the climate through the years.

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Background photo credit: Jóna Sigþórsdóttir